Mrs. Renee Marshall -- Phsyical Education

Mrs. Marshall has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a coaching concentration. She completed her master's degree in Adapted Physical Education from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in 2001. She is currently teaching both regular and adapted physical education at Meadowview Intermediate and Adapted Physical Education at several buildings in the district.  Mrs. Marshall has been teaching for 15 years all of which have been in the Sparta School District. She has a strong background in the aquatics.  Her goal is to help students find a lifelong activity that they enjoy and to help students improve their overall fitness level.


Physical Education Sneaker Snippet

Mrs. Marshall is the Physical Education teacher for Meadowview Intermediate and she can be reached at or at 608-269-2187 extension 7107. 

Important Information for Physical Education

TENNIS SHOES will be needed everyday for PE class. If you think you will forget your shoes leave a pair in your locker.

SOCKS will be needed along with tennis shoes during the gymnastics AND roller skating unit on a daily basis. Would be a great idea if these were left in your locker with your shoes too!

LACING SKATES: will need to be able to know how to tighten and lace up a roller skate with the hook laces - similar to work boots. Please have them practice this at home before we skate in January. A permission slip will be sent home in December for permission to participate.

 All fitness tests will be done in the fall and then again in the spring. Improvement over time will show the effort you are giving in class! Fitnessgram reports will come home around parent teacher conferences in the fall of the year. Please discuss this with your child before we discuss them in class.

QUIZZES will be given every tri-mester. ALL STUDENTS will do this on their I-Pads. A study sheet will be given out on their Ipads the week before with information that will be covered on the quiz.

The PACER, Mile Run, and the step test will be given throughout the course of the year. We will do one each month working towards IMPROVEMENT over time FROM THE First TO THE Last test. These are all fitness tests that measures cardiovascular endurance.

A parent note will excuse your child from PE class for ONE day otherwise a doctor's note or parent phone call will be needed. Remember to ask what you CAN do in class so you can continue to stay in shape. If you have an inhaler for asthma please check with the office on what you need to do to use it in school and notify Mrs. Marshall so she is aware of it.

Students are graded on different things as they relate to the state standards;

1) Movement/Competency with Skills

2) Knowledge of concepts and Strategies

3) Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy fitness Level

4) Personal and Social Behaviors

5) Challenging self and self-expression through activity

Important Information for Physical Education

Meadowview Intermediate School-wide Discipline Plan

Step 0: Chill Yourself

Step 1: Teacher sends to Chill Chair

You can return when ready (at least 30 seconds)

Teacher sends to

The teacher will talk to you when she is ready.

- 2nd chill chair (3-5 minutes)

Step 2: Buddy Room /Fix it Plan

Go to your classroom and complete a fix it plan.

When your fix it plan is done ask your teacher to return. Find Mrs. Marshall to get your plan approved.

People who go to the buddy room or are chilling constantly will be

If not appropriate at any of these steps you move immediately to the next step.

social conferencing with Mrs. Marshall to work out a plan.

Step 3: Parent Phone Call

- The student will call home and explain their behavior - can not enter class until they have contacted parent. Repeat of this step will move you to step 4.

Step 4: Immediate Parent Conference

- School Discipline Report filed.

Step 5: Meeting with principal

Step 6: Out of School Suspensions

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