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To reach staff voice mail, call the office at 366-3497.

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Mr. Jeff Krull, Principal,

Mr. Toby Oswald, assistant Principal/activites director,

Building Staff

Ms. Jenna Ahnen, health and physical education teacher,

Ms. Teresa Anderson, building secretary,

Ms. Lucy Bennett, reading specialist,

Mr. Erick Blasing, Community Learning Center coordinator,

Mr. Gary Boisvert, LMC director,

Ms. Janelle Britton, EBD

Ms. Ruth Brueggeman, educational assistant,

Ms. Lisa Cash, band director,

Mr. Michael Castle, English language learners,

Ms. Patti Christopherson, educational assistant,

Mr. Mark Cropp, EDGE,

Mr. James Dower, grade 8 teacher,

Mr. Steve Dunn, head custodian,

Ms. Denise Ebert, EDGE educational assistant,

Ms. Melissa Frost, school counselor,

Ms. Judy Fuhrmann, EEN,

Ms. Jessica Gachnang, family and consumer sciences,

Mr. Joe Gantzer, band director,

Ms. Heidi Garrett, agri science,

Ms. Terri Gile, grade 6 teacher,

Ms. Michelle Glandt, Spanish and foreign culture

Mr. Chad Guns, grade 7 teacher,

Ms. Theresa Guzy, food service,

Mr. Dennis Hanson, art teacher,

Ms. Tracy Henriksen, grade 7 teacher,

Ms. Karen Hernandez, grade 8 teacher,

Mr. Christopher Hulne, EEN,

Ms. Melanie Hunter, grade 8 teacher,

Ms. Kari Johnson, math specialist,

Mr. Ron Jones, EEN,

Ms. Amy Kiefer, main office/attendance secretary,

Ms. Teresa Lakowske, EDGE teacher,

Mr. Paul Larsen, grade 7 teacher,

Ms. Marla Leverich, grade 7 teacher,

Mr. Josh Lydon, tech support,

Ms. Lynn Mohr, EDGE teacher,

Ms. Pam Noll, grade 7 teacher,

Mr. Matt Quick, pysical education teacher,

Ms. Roxanne Radsek, ALAC assistant,

Ms. Laurie Rappa, grade 6 teacher,

Ms. Julie Revels, math specialist,

Ms. Jean Roddick, grade 6  teacher,

Ms. Kim Rugg, LMC secretary,

Mrs. Chris Severson, school counselor,

Mr. Steve Schauf, tech education,

Mr. Kyle Sonnemann, general music teacher and choir director,

Ms. Mavis Steinbrink, educational assistant,

Ms. Samantha Tahic, physical education teacher,

Ms. Amy Thurston, grade 7 teacher,

Mr. Vince Torres, grade 8 teacher,

Ms. Sarah Tripp, EEN assistant,

Ms. Kathleen Van Lieshout, grade 6 teacher,

Ms. Hallie Weibel, grade 8 teacher,

Ms. Mary Wilhelm, educational assistant,

Ms. Dawn Woodquast, grade 7 teacher,

Ms. Kathy Zimmerman, EEN assistant,